“The strongest & SweetestSongs Yet Remain To Be Sung

“The World Is Full Of Magic things,Patiently Waiting For Our Senses to Grow Sharper

“Imagination Is Everything, It Is the Preview Of Lifes Coming Attractions

“Follow your inner Moonlight; don’t hide the madness

“Tell me, what would you Like to do with your one wild and precious life

About Katie

Katie Is A Self-Taught Artist,
Living and Working in London

She started painting in 2008, and finds it both a meditative process and a means of self- expression and exploration.

Her paintings are flights of fantasy, moving seamlessly between factual illustration and non-figurative abstraction and exploring the co-existence and juxtaposition of different spiritual dimensions. The creative method she has developed helps her to conjure a unique, surreal world, evoking her emotional landscape.

Painting is an intuitive and organic process for her, and the images reveal themselves in stages, often unexpectedly. Working in oils and sometimes using the medium of collage, her style is distinctive and whimsical, informed by Medieval illuminations, Indian miniatures and the diverse influences of Chagall, Klimt and Bosch.

Painting Is an Intuitive and Organic Process for Her, And the Images Reveal Themselves in Stages, Often Unexpectedly
Current Work

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The Pierrot
Lovers By The Volga
The Tree of Life